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Play 186 on sale now!

Play 186 on sale now!

PLAY_186_BagHi everyone, we’re super-pleased to announced that the latest issue of the world famous Play magazine goes on sale today. In shops. For money.

This month’s rammed issue has the splendid Gran Turismo 5 on its cover and bag and we’ve got an exclusive hands-on with it plus some exclusive new images and an exclusive interview with the game’s producer Kazunori Yamauchi. So that’s three exclusives on GT 5. Brills.

There’s also a ton of other great content too with reviews of Assassin’s Creed II, DJ Hero, LittleBigPlanet on PSP, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and that Modern Warfare 2 game. We also take a good long look at some of the games for next year including BioShock 2, Dead Rising 2, MAG, Brink and Aliens Vs Predator.

Then there’s a load of other cool content too including all the latest Blu-ray reviews, Ten Of The Best Ninjas, latest LittleBigPlanet levels worth playing, professional cosplayers, a PS3 cheats and Trophies book, a free DVD…

Look, just get it in already!

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  • Dan Smith

    Is it me or am i starting to see a trend in your previews and reviews after release? Example 1, For atleast 2 months you previewed Modern Warfare2 like it was the last game ever to be made. You couldnt find a fault and it was to be the best war game ever! After release (this latest issue) You back tracked and seemed to change your mind. Even as far as reviewing campaign and online seperately to portray campaign as a poor effort. to which i already knew and aired my views on the forums (yes, i did complete in under 10 hours and was killed only 4 times!). Has online gaming taken over from main single player gaming? i thought online play was supposed to be a bonus to the game, not it’s main feature. Example 2, You stated Assassin’s Creed 2 as a potential rival to MW2 for Game Of The Year, and although you did not preview it as much as MW2, you did say it was far superior to A.C1 and they had corrected all known faults to the original, again stating it was amazing! Once more, in this latest issue, you back track AGAIN! stating A.C2 still has faults that need looking at,and it’s far from perfect! Is this because you preview from a demo? and review from a complete game? If so, i do not think it is right for you to big things up only to change your mind once it’s out and everyone’s spent their money.if you preview from the full version, then that’s awful writing and you’ve purposefully delayed your doubts on a game so not to affect sales! Or, you’ve made your cut for activision and ubisoft. I am sticking to my belief that MW2 was the rip-off of the year, and A.C2 should be Game Of The Year just for the sheer effort in improvements. And, you can actually mess about for hours on end and get a good 20+ hours play! It’s a cop-out to give it to MW2 for online play alone, because that’s not what a game should be about. Secondly yes, but not foremost. i’ll stop there, i’m going back to Venice!

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    We generally don’t play the full, complete version of a game until we review it because games generally aren’t completed until shortly before they’re released, so it’s not a case of changing our minds. We simply don’t know for sure how good a game is at preview stage. We give our honest impressions, leaning toward being positive mainly because we believe people read Play because they want to get excited about games. I don’t think that our preview coverage of either of the two games you mention was inconsistent with our review coverage, it’s just that reviews, by their very nature, are much better informed.

  • Are you needing any new game testers?