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Play 185 on sale now!

Play 185 on sale now!

PLAY_185 Bag Front_cmykToday sees the long-awaited release of issue 185 of the world’s greatest PlayStation magazine, Play. And, as you can see, we’ve gone and got all excited by that Modern Warfare 2 game. It looks quite good. Thanks to our friends at Activision we got to go over to Los Angeles to Infinity Ward’s offices to get hands-on with the multiplayer game. You can probably guess that it’s pretty good, but to find out exactly how good you’ll need to get yourself a copy of the mag.

But that’s not all we’ve got for you this month. No, no, there’s a lot more. Not only have we reviewed Uncharted 2 but there’s also a free Uncharted 2 solution book that’ll take you through the game, show you treasure locations and help you get all the Trophies.

There’s also exclusive previews of Just Cause 2, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow and the new game from Heavenly Sword creator Ninja Theory, Enslaved. And still there’s more: an Assassin’s Creed II three-hour hands-on, a look at future PS3 tech including 3D gaming, reviews of GTA: Chinatown Wars, Brütal Legend and PES 2010 and we reveal the first motion-control games.

On top of that, there’s also our two-hour DVD packed full of the latest PS3 game videos and reviews from the team.

You’d be mad not to buy it. IMMEDIATELY.

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  • john doe

    Game of the year? hmm..i do not agree. i must admit, i did fall for all the hype. it was too great a temptation to go back into the field after MW1 was so good. there seemed to be a shortfall in the reviews though,longevity. Can a game have a great indepth story base? incredible graphics? enjoyable characters? 20+ hours game play? of course it can,but MW2 wasnt it, it fell short on single player gaming time. a small effort was put forward in special ops.but thats either too hard or too boring meandering through the woods alone.i’m not the best at these games at all, but took my time on ‘hardened’,was only killed four times and finished the campaign in just under 10 hours. is this acceptable for £55? absolutely not, especially since i do not have the internet at home and do not enjoy the splendour of MW2 online. Luckily,i got it at discount price from the supermarket where my wife works.less than 7 days after release,i traded it for Assassins Creed 2.Lesson learnt. your magazine is fantastic though.i only started buying it this year and i wouldnt miss a single issue.How did you guys fall for all the hype though? it could have been so much more.did you tell anyone it could be completed in a day? they should have delayed like Gran Turismo,some things can take time,like a good wine.it’s better in the end surely?