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Play 108 – What 100 Issues Ago Looked Like

Play 108 – What 100 Issues Ago Looked Like

Play 208 is now on sale. You’ll have noticed because there’s a big news story at the top of the page cleverly titled Play 208 – On Sale Now. It has a huuuuuge Batman: Arkham City exclusive, Aliens: Colonial Marines interview, 3D Realms slagging off Duke Nukem Forever, four-page Final Fantasy XIII-2 hands-on and other stuff you can read about over here.

It’s genuinely a very, very good issue. Uncharted and TimeSplitters fans might want to keep an even closer eye on the next issue, by the way.

It did get me thinking though. What did Play look like 100 issues ago? We have every issue in the archives here, so a quick look shows this is what it looked like…

There’s your answer. It looked REALLY orange. And games like Richard Burns Rally made the cover. “And Tony Hawks Underground!” you may be thinking, but this was in 2003, back when Tony Hawk games were a big deal. Shame Activision has pretty much killed that series. Sob.

Look! It’s me! Back when I was 20. Jesus. I hope I’ve had the sleep it looks like I’ve missed out on back then. Someone said my current picture makes me “look like a drug dealer.” I’m sure this picture makes me look worse.

And this is what the adverts were like back then. Matrix Reloaded! Coming to DVD soon! And it’s an advert for Virgin Megastores which is no longer open. Double sob.

Yup, it’s FireFighter FD 18, getting a page preview while FIFA 2004 only gets half-a-page preview. Madness? Genius? Who knows.

Here are other games you might not remember. Kya: Dark Lineage might resonate with a few people but Freaky Flyers? Anyone remember that? Has anyone even played it? Did anyone even own it? There were reviews of Time Crisis 3, Club Football and Bomberman Kart. Bomberman Kart! Actually want to play that now. Shame no-one did 8 years ago…

If you want to compare, our own Imagine Shop has some page previews of Issue 208.

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  • Katie Glaister

    OMG! i used to love tony hawks games! i’ve still got THUG somewhere and used to play it all the time – like you say its a shame what activision did cos those games were so addictive! and the matrix relaoded? i still have my Empire mag with the holographic cover of Agent White! shame the sequel wasn’t a patch on the original though…and now Play, i’m going to get really nostalgic and play Tomb Raider – THE ORIGINAL! 😀