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Platinum Games: 3DS ‘much clearer’ than NGP

Platinum Games: 3DS ‘much clearer’ than NGP

Atsushi Inaba, producer at Platinum Games and of Sega’s forthcoming Anarchy Reigns, has told Play magazine that he feels the purpose of the 3DS is ‘much clearer’ than the NGP.

“As a gadget it looks really cool and I can see that there are many things that you could do with the machine,” he said. “But in terms of being a gaming console, I’m still not sure if that is the main focus of Sony.”

“I’m still trying to determine what they’re trying to sell us, if it’s solely dedicated to gaming or if it’s a bit of everything, like a multi-purpose gadget.”

“We’ll have to wait for the next bit of news to find out what they’re trying to do with it. In terms of purpose, the 3DS is much clearer. They have clearly indicated their target and what they’re trying to do, so it will be interesting to see Sony’s next move.

To get more industry reaction and opinion on NGP, including the thoughts of Cliff Bleszinski, Mie Kumagai and Jared Gerritzen, grab Issue 203 of Play, which goes on sale Thursday and also has exclusive interviews with Naughty Dog and Ken Levine.

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