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Peter Jackson Still Wants To Make Games

Peter Jackson Still Wants To Make Games

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In an interview with Ain’t It Cool News, Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, King Kong and Brain Dead, has talked about his love of games, the challenges of Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare 2 and his current gaming projects. While we would all like to see something original from Jackson in the gaming sphere it seems the earliest projects we’ll see from him will be related to his upcoming movies.

“At the moment I am kind of involved with a Tintin game and obviously the beginning of The Hobbit game, so those two in terms of the gaming at the moment with all of the other scripts we are working on at the moment, those are the gaming things we are focusing on,” he explained. Attempts to launch a spin-off Halo series directed by Jackson seem to have fallen through of course. However, it would seem that Jackson is making no distinction between movie and game projects he currently has in his mind as he weighs up which medium to tackle next.

“I do have a few ideas that could go one-way or the other,” Jackson revealed. “I’ve got ideas that could be a movie or they could be a game and I think that they should rather than just make a movie and then do a spin-off game, I think some of the ideas I’ve got I’d rather do them as a stand alone game, because that world is getting more and more interesting.”

The interesting part for Jackson is how cinematic techniques are being brought to games in really creative ways. “They are using a lot of the film techniques now, especially the cinematic areas or those little movie things,” he said. “They are starting to really blend them in and you get the feeling that you are watching substantial bits of prerecorded animation which is still great, though, because they are dynamic and done well. They didn’t used to be done very well in the old days, but there are people that actually know what they are doing.”

You can read the rest of this interview, which includes much Modern Warfare 2 talk at Ain’t It Cool News.

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