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Peace Walker Dated For Japan

Peace Walker Dated For Japan


We’ve been spoilt with access to the new PSP Metal Gear Solid game, Peace Walker, after two separate demos came flying our way and that only lead us to believe that it must be close to release. Damn close. Famitsu is now confirming our suspicions as it has confirmed and bright and early 2010 release for Peace Walker on March 18. Only faltering point is that it’s a Japanese release date. We await confirmation of something similar for the UK.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a direct sequel to MGS 3: Snake Eater, picking up the story of Naked Snake (eventually to become Big Boss) ten years after the events of that game. Snake has lead his Militaires Sans Frontieres to Costa Rica where the government needs their help to push back an invading force with advanced weaponry. However, Snake’s ‘Soldiers Without Borders’ are the precursor of Outer Heaven we all know where that’s going to lead.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get a heads up on a European release date soon. You’ll know as soon as we do.

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  • AZZA91

    As a die hard mgs fan it pains me to say, having played the tgs demo, i willl not be buying this game until kojima fixes the controls. The psp is a piece of crap when it comes to third person games, i just wish this was released as dlc for mgs4 on the ps3.