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Party games: worth bothering with?

Party games: worth bothering with?

Recent years have seen an ever-increasing number of ‘party’ games released. These titles vary hugely in quality – though it’s fair to say a lot of them are utter tripe – and are aimed squarely at a more casual market than we, mega-ultra-hardcore super-dudes are.

But they’re still good fun. Anyone who doesn’t smile when playing Singstar has no soul/is an idiot, clearly. But how many of you actually play games at parties? And not just ‘party’ games – I mean games in general.

I’ve found the increasing prevalence of the likes of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and the aforementioned Singstar at shindigs to be quite an irritant. Rock Band especially, as it tends to take over the whole living room, drown out conversation and dominate the attention of anyone present.

I once hosted a party at my flat where a small, distinct group of attendees simply sat around my TV, playing Street Fighter III. I saw no point in this, so just went and got drunk/ended up in a bin or something.

What I’m wondering is – are games suitable for parties? Video games, that is. We all know Twister is a bag of crap that only idiots/sex pests get out of the cupboard when the party’s in full swing. But singalongs? Plastic band games? Super-hardcore one-on-one fighting games? I don’t know.

Still, Singstar’s great.

And there you have this morning’s entry in the “I couldn’t think of a blog for ages” pile.

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  • Jake

    ‘mega-ultra-hardcore super-dudes’. I like it!

  • David

    I wouldn’t really call rock band a party game but more of a hanging out with friends game. There are party games I have enjoyed playing, but I wouldn’t really play them otherwise.

  • koppert79

    I have friends that come round JUST to play Buzz. Its awesome to play with people