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Our speculation on what an Inception game could include

Christopher Nolan, director of Inception, has been talking about making last summer’s sci-fi/heist movie blockbuster into a videogame. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly he said that the universe of Inception is “a world where a lot of other stories could take place,” and that videogames are “something I’ve wanted to explore.” He still says that the project is still a few years off, but he’s currently working with a “team of collaborators” on ideas that could be worked into an Inception-based game. What can we expect from it? Going from the movie, here’s a few features we think we can expect:

An hour long tutorial that explains every single rule of the game in painstaking detail. There will be numerous arbitrary mechanics that are difficult to grasp, you see, and they’ll be used throughout the remainder of the game as reasons to advance the plot in strange ways. You’re stuck on level 7? Don’t worry, all you have to do is plunge yourself in a bath full of water then ride the kick out past the seven dreamstates and into that dream you has last week in which you had no trousers on.

Grand Designs
The dreams will be designed by game designers rather than architects. That Ariadne was pretty good in the film (her name is a reference to the Greek princess who helped Theseus navigate the labyrinth after all) but we think the dreams would be far better realised if they had the level designers behind BioShock or Assassin’s Creed thinking things up.

Actually, Dom Cobb would probably be pretty pissed off if he found himself facing an invisible wall during the film. And all those constantly respawning enemies! Perhaps this wouldn’t be that great an idea after all.

There will be a section where you fight someone while the level slowly rotates. We’ve not got much else to say about this, actually, because that would actually be pretty awesome if done right.

A Snow Level
There will be entire level that looks exactly like Call Of Duty. In fact they’ll just buy Black Ops’ entire WMD level from Treyarch,  stitch it into the rest of the code, and call it the third dream state. All the talk of Nova 6, numbers, and some guy called Dragovich will  be explained away by the fact that this is a dream, and these are all the repressed sexual urges of the dreamer’s subconscious.

A Perplexing Twist!
The entire game will be a dream. Or will it? Yes, it will.

Or will it?


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    This is the cleverest post on this website. It’s like a dream.
    Wow I’m bad at puns 🙁