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Office Fighter

Yesterday the kind chaps over at Capcom decided to pop into Imagine’s offices with two Street Fighter IV arcade machines, fresh from Japan, and within about five minutes our games room turned into a throbbing mass of sweaty and overexcited journos.

Here’s me about to kick Tim Empey’s ass

Here’s me about to kick Tim Empey’s ass

It genuinely stank in that room, to the point where someone had to spray half a can of Lynx into the air and open all the windows. But people still came. They came to play one of the greatest beat-’em-ups ever made, stink or no stink. There was only a few of us with the skill to pull off combos, Ultras and Supers, but even those who didn’t know their Dragon Punches from their Spinning Bird Kicks had a go, and had fun. Of course, yours truly managed to claim the title of SFIV Office Champion, after a winning streak that saw me destroy pretty much everyone, including the Capcom reps (it helped that I got some practice in during E3).

Here’s me after I kicked Tim Empey’s ass

Here’s me after I kicked Tim Empey’s ass. Awesome.

You can look forward to an exclusive look at the PS3 version of SFIV in an upcoming issue of Play. So keep reading.