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Obligatory Pachter opinion piece

Michael Pachter has said something, but rather than actually bother to read it, or to wait and see what comes of what he says, we’re just going to dismiss his comments out of hand.

Because that’s the way to do things, right? To approach things from a state of near-blindness and make sweeping statements based on things you simply don’t know about. At least that’s how he approaches things.

For all I know the PSP2 could be ‘dead on arrival’ and the 3DS could very well see a spike in sales followed by a tailing off (whoops! Revealed I have read it then), and the iPhone/iPad etc is proving an incredibly popular

But to dismiss things based on what? A few demos in the case of Nintendo’s handheld and a couple of grainy, black and white photos and a bunch of rumours in the case of Sony’s? And that’s grounds to dismiss these formats pretty much entirely? Bull.

I tend to believe waiting until you know what the hell you’re dealing with is, before you judge it or throw out ridiculous statements that get reprinted everywhere, is the right way to do things. But that’s just me.

I apologise unconditionally for talking about Pachter. There’s little other news around that grabbed my eye and I have no real opinions this morning.

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  • Garan

    Well…..this article was a waste of 2 minutes.Is there such a lack of news.