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Obama’s plans for the LittleBigPlanet


US President Barack Obama has been in the gaming news a few times since he took office almost a year ago (and a few before, actually), as a few of his speeches were taken out of context and put to the gaming public as saying ‘the boss of this country thinks you should stop playing games and get a life’. Well, we read what he actually said and realised this was nonsense, and now he’s backed that up by not only name-checking LittleBigPlanet but by teaming up with Sony to help ‘da kidz’ learn how to… do things.

As a part of the Game Changers initiative, Sony will donate 1,000 PS3s with copies of LBP to libraries across America. This isn’t just for fun though, as the scheme aims to encourage kids to use the game’s creation tools to make levels involving maths, science, technology and engineering. Games teaching future generations? It’s madness, clearly.

The Obama quote is so short there’s almost no point in reprinting it, but here we go anyway:

“The MacArthur Foundation and industry leaders like Sony are launching a nationwide challenge to design compelling, freely available science related video games.”

Another scheme was announced called the Stem National Video Games Competition. This programme will run a $300,000 design contest where contestants are asked to make browser games for different age groups. The winners of which will be showcased at E3 2010.

We just wonder what Keith Vaz thinks about all this.

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