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NowGamer’s E3 Site Now Live!

NowGamer’s E3 Site Now Live!

NowGamer_E3NowGamer’s team in the field is primed for some serious (and not so serious) reporting from the world’s biggest games event next week – to make sure you don’t miss out on all the explosive news, previews and surprises, all you need to do is hit this link go directly there now!

The special E3 event page pulls together all of the above as well as liveblogs from all the major press conferences from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – just click on the icon for each event. You can also check out NowGamer’s E3 2010 coverage schedule for all the times ahead of the curve.

If you just fancy staying on the main NowGamer homepage, you can also do this and stay abreast of all the E3 coverage by using the special E3 2010 tag widget, which sucks in all the latest E3 info into one place. To activate the widget:

*Click ‘Customise My Homepage’ in the top right of the homepage

*Check the box labelled ‘Tag Widget’ and get ready to experience a barrage of top E3 content. You lucky people.

As well as the NowGamer homepage you’ll be able to get direct opinion and updates from the team via Twitter. Follow @nowgamer_nick @nowgamer_rick @nowgamer_dan and @nowgamer_chrism for all manner of tweets direct from the show floor. And as a bonus, if you reply to any of our tweets, they’ll appear in the feed, live on NowGamer.

Head over to www.nowgamernetwork.com/e3 now!

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