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NowGamer Launches!


Our new website has launched! Head over to NowGamer.com now to see just what the future of gaming websites is like, or read on if you need a bit more persuading…

NowGamer.com is unique in the world wide web of gaming websites in that it enables you to customise exactly what content you see. The homepage consists of a number of widgets, with each widget displaying the latest on reviews, previews, news, features and so on. These widgets can be moved around, customised to show more or less content and filtered so you can choose exactly which formats you see information on. You can even tailor the colour of the page to suit your tastes. You can basically make the homepage your own.

But that’s not all.

There’s over 15 years of content up there from day one – including every PlayStation review that’s ever appeared in Play, numerous interviews and features and hundreds of game previews, videos, podcasts and, well, just a ton of content that would take you weeks to read through. And to help you find exactly what you want, we’ve invented the PowerList engine, which is just about the most powerful search engine around.

And that’s still not all.

By registering for NowGamer.com you get all kinds of awesome privileges, including your own member page, the ability to post your own reviews and comments and your own user ratings – you’ll have even more input into how your website evolves…

If you’re still not convinced then head over there now and click on the “Take A Tour” button and have Play‘s own senior sub editor (and the voice of the website) take your through all the great features of NowGamer.com.