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NowGamer 2.0 Now Live!

NowGamer 2.0 Now Live!

NowGamer has relaunched! The multiformat supersite is back with brand new features, better navigation, updated looks and most of all, a truckload of new content. A very big truck. The biggest gaming truck you’ve EVER seen.

In case you don’t believe us, just have a look for yourselves.

There’s a massive Crytek interview, Uncharted 3 beta impressions plus multiplayer video, El Shaddai import review along with an interview with creator Sawaki Takeyasu and gaming legend David Braben shares his views on Kinect in a video interview.

There’s also a Reader’s Survey with a staggering £1,000 worth of goods up for grabs including top prizes such as Gran Turismo 5: Signature Edition and Killzone 3: Helmet Edition. We know that’s not its official name. You know what we mean.

NowGamer now offers HD images and video, along with enhanced search functions and related links, so you won’t be alienated by your search for King of Clubs on Wii anymore because we’ll damn well help you find it.

In the meantime, a new Social Hub links you directly to NowGamer’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, bumping user interaction up to record levels. Want to say how much you hate Modern Warfare 3? We’re giving you more avenues than ever to say it.

In the meantime, as is NowGamer tradition, expect a (un)healthy mix of reviews, previews, news, interviews and cheats from the award-winning team. Now with those delicious HD images and video, of course…

What are you waiting for? Hit the link to check out the new NowGamer for yourself right now!