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No new Half-Life this year. BOO HISS

No new Half-Life this year. BOO HISS


The February issue of Game Informer (it’s a magazine that isn’t Play) is reporting that there won’t be a new Half-Life game this year, even though we’ve had to wait about a million billion years for one.

It doesn’t necessarily mean Episode 3, as it isn’t named specifically, but that would be the logical guess. What it does mean, though, is that we can hope Ep.3 comes out this year and the one that isn’t coming in the Queen’s Space Year of 2010 is actually a brand new, unheard of Half-Life game. Yes, we’re going to clutch at straws as hard as we can here.

Regardless, it’s a safe bet that whatever the Half-Life game that isn’t coming this year is, it won’t be coming to PS3 via Valve. The company, as we’re all well aware, are apparently scared of developing for Sony’s machine as it involves doing a bit more work than normal.

Yes, we are just annoyed that we don’t get Left 4 Dead and that our version of the Orange Box wasn’t as good as on 360. Bastards.

Issue 188 of Play, out on the 21st, might or might not include something about Half-Life 2 and that thing that might or might not exist might or might not be about how it might or might not be game of the decade. We’re not revealing anything, so you’ll just have to buy it to find out what we might or might not have said.

[via Cinemablend]

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  • AZZA91

    Maybe portal 2 will be released? I guess we will just have to wait until E3.