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No more Pixeljunk on PSP, you pesky pirates

No more Pixeljunk on PSP, you pesky pirates


Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe will be the last PJ title made for PSP should the current levels of piracy on the system stay the same. This, according to Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-Games, is the current, sad state of affairs.

Tweeting as all the cool kids do these days, Cuthbert said:

“I don’t think we’ll port anything else to the PSP, we have to see how PJMD does as there’s a *lot* of piracy”

When pirate-busting countermeasures were suggested, they were immediately shot down in a further Twit… ing:

“Unfortunately the pirates could just hack those kinds of things out.”

So that’s you told.

We’re not sure how deadly serious this is – it’s difficult to judge someone’s mood from 140 characters (or less). We do find it hard to believe though, especially with the recent launch of the digital distribution-only PSPgo surely helping the battle against those crafty pirates?

As he says though, they just find a way around. It’s sad to see things go this way, but as long as there are still going to be Pixeljunk games in future then we’re at least a bit happy.

Dylan Cuthbert’s Twitter.

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  • Dave Moore

    with the talk as it is at the moment it looks like the pspgo is going to die a quick death.with the hacking problem i can indeed see the end of pixel junks.