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No Death Please, We’re Spies

No Death Please, We’re Spies


Obsidian, developer of upcoming spy RPG Alpha Protocol has claimed that it will be possible to go through the entire game without killing anyone. This little fact was brought to us by Obsidian’s own Twitter feed, but it seems that even the writer of that post was a little surprised by the news.

AP_01Learned yesterday that it’s possible to get through Alpha Protocol without killing anyone. That’s kind of awesome,” Obsidian_Ent wrote. While no further details have been offered thus far it seems fair to assume that this feature of the game will probably emerge as some kind of rock hard Trophy when Alpha Protocol arrives on PS3 this October.

Stealth orientated games such as Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell have tended to encourage espionage without murder, but given the gun centric combat of Alpha Protocol this news does come as a little bit of a surprise. It’s a good surprise though.

Via Joystiq

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