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Nick’s 1080° Arse


This week www.play-mag.co.uk was launched arse-first into the upper echelons of internet popularity. As I write this, an old Ten Of The Best… from issue 164 that was recently transferred to www.play-mag.co.uk is the second hottest story on popular game news links site www.n4g.com, at a seering 1080°. That’s hotter than the first Call Of Duty: World At War images, although not quite as hot as the rumour about Metal Gear Solid coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The article in question: Ten Of The Best… Arses.

So why all the interest all of a sudden? Well, it could be because one of the arses in the top ten is that of our esteemed Editor-in-Chief Nick Jones, but by his own admission Nick’s arse is “white and sloppy”. Doesn’t sound that hot to me.

An infinitely more likely explanation is that gamers are, by and large, a right bunch of little perverts and that it doesn’t matter how hard we endeavour to win the biggest exclusives, the freshest, most in-depth news and the most informative and entertaining previews and reviews, the gaming public would rather have, quite literally, a bunch of arse.

As a footnote, someone asked me why none of the arses from Soul Calibur IV was included in our round up, which is a very good point. The picture of Voldo’s uber-toned buns posted above is included by way of an apology for this oversight.

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