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Next Quantic Dream Game Written, Could Go Online


Quantic Dream’s CEO David Cage has revealed that he’s already written the company’s next game following the release of Heavy Rain and he’s expressed an interest in experimenting with online multiplayer. It’s not clear whether these two threads of thought will come together, but Cage is clearly enthused and upbeat after the success of Heavy Rain.

“I have written the next game, so I have a very clear idea,” Cage told GameTrailers TV with regards to his next project. “It’s not fully written, it still in the synopsis stage, but I have a very clear idea for where I want to go next.” However he reiterated that it will not be a sequel to Heavy Rain. “I don’t want just to make some kind of sequel or whatever, I really want to continue to explore and discover new things and experiment, this is what I’m really excited about.”

What it will be is an exploration of the kind of interactive narrative that Heavy Rain explored, with the possibility of some multiplayer component joining the mix. “Well, we have definitely discovered something with Heavy Rain, and the market has responded very positively to it, so we want to continue to investigate what it takes to create experiences based on interactive storytelling and emotions for an adult audience,” he told IndustryGamers. “I think Heavy Rain is really an important moment for Quantic Dream definitely and maybe other people in the industry. So we’ll try to bring to multiplayer experiences the same change that Heavy Rain was to single-player.”

We look forward to hearing more soon.

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  • koppert79

    if its half as good as heavy rain it will still be dope

  • shadowguy112

    I agree koppert79, I have followed quantic dream since Fahrenheit (indigo prophecy) and I think that quantic dream have set a pretty high bar for themselves with heavy rain so if the story line can beat heavy rain’s story and gameplay this will definately be a game to remember. I don’t really know what quantic dream have planned for multiplayer but I definately excited to see what Cage can bring for us this time.