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New Street Fighter teased

New Street Fighter teased


The Japanese official Street Fighter blog is putting fans through one hell of a trial by teasing the announcement of another Street Fighter game, most likely a spin-off to SF IV. Natsuki Shiozawa promised last week that she would say more about a sequel this week, but has now only said that we’ll hear more soon.

This seems like a pretty strong indication of more Street Fighter coming to the PS3 sooner rather than later. The announcement of Street Fighter IV took many by surprise, but now Ryu and co. are back we’re not all that shocked that Capcom wants to get some more out of the series again. Rather than seeing Street Fighter V though, we would expect a title more in the vein of SF III: 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike, offering new characters and slight tweaks to the gameplay.

Seeing as the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, we would expect to find out much more then.


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