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New EA Sports MMA Images

New EA Sports MMA Images


2010 is boiling up to be one hell of a year for fighting fans as UFC 2010 draws ever closer to release and EA Sports continues to tease us with extraordinary images of its mixed martial arts title EA Sports MMA. Info is still thin on the ground since we first got a glimpse at it, but we do have new images and a couple of new fighters to talk about.

The guy on the left of the shot above is Jeff Monson who is a bit of a grappler, but much more important is the guy on the right. That is none other than Bobby Lashley. You may recognise him and that name from his days in WWE where he won a number of titles over the course of his four years there. He is now signed with Strikeforce in the US, which is a mixed martial arts franchise that has already given lots of support to EA’s game. He is also signed with TNA wrestling so he can keep that whole pro wrestling thing ticking over too.

Basically he’s a busy guy, but also a proper brawler, as all MMA fighters have to be. His current record with Strikeforce is 5-0 having picked up his fifth consecutive win just this weekend against Wes Sims.

Via Kotaku

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