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Netflix goes disc-less, Lovefilm coming to European PS3?

Netflix goes disc-less, Lovefilm coming to European PS3?
netflix on ps3, lovefilm on ps3?

netflix on ps3, lovefilm on ps3?

Netflix has hit the headlines again as it has been announced the service will be going discless around October time. This is obviously good news for PS3 owners in America, but what about those of us in the UK? Well this brings us back to an interview we conducted with Simon Morris, chief marketing officer at Lovefilm, towards the end of last year. In it we simply asked: will Lovefilm bring their services to PS3?

Morris’ answer, as we printed in issue 186 of Play, went thus:

“It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that we have Europe’s leading mail service and have developed a streaming service, which is growing very, very quickly and all I can tell you is that we have very firm plans to bring that to the TV. We will be announcing those very soon, but we do have plans and we’ll be announcing them for 2010.”

Back then we thought this was a non-committal, but leading answer indicating Lovefilm would indeed be coming to PS3. However, in the months that passed it became less and less likely this was the case – first Sony launched their own Video Delivery Service, negating the need for another company to offer a service (though streaming is still a hole that could be plugged, and Microsoft’s video download service exists hand-in-hand with Netflix in the US). Then came the kicker, as Lovefilm announced they would be teaming up with Sony – but in Bravia TVs.

So, as it stands, the likelihood of PS3 owners getting a service like Netflix in Europe in the near future isn’t that high. We once thought Lovefilm on PS3 was a given, thanks to the comments of their CMO, but these turned out to be leading us to incorrect assumptions. Oh news, you sly pooch.

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  • The ps3 must be a massive untapped market for streaming video so I’m very disappointed someone hasn’t taken the initiative yet. I would happily pay £20 for an all you can eat service. Even better would be something that combines with spotify for music. I guess Sony likes the bluray royalties too much for now though.

  • Richard C

    Agree totally with the above. Add Spotify and Lovefilm streaming to the XMB and Sony win, Lovefilm win and Spotify win.

    For Lovefilm, the business case must be there: remove all of the logistics and cost relating to physical media delivery for those clients that subscribe.

    Why would they want to limit themselves to clients who are buying new Bravia TVs when there is a more than decent PS3 installed base out there?