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Naughty Dog: We live in ‘fear and anxiety’

Naughty Dog: We live in ‘fear and anxiety’

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has caused Naughty Dog to live in ‘an advanced state of fear and anxiety’, according to its co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand.

“We do like to set big graphical and technical challenges for ourselves… we knew that sand and fire would push us in new graphical directions that people hadn’t necessarily seen much of before,” Lemarchand told Play. “It’s so difficult to do fire well in videogames and sand that behaves realistically is probably even harder. They’re both great elements to focus on because they’re both so ‘grounding’. Everyone knows what fire and sand look like, so if we pull their look off really well, that automatically helps you believe in the reality of Nathan Drake’s world.

“We’re not fearless though. Far from it. In fact, we spend a lot of our lives in a pretty advanced state of fear and anxiety, especially when we’re trying to get something ready to show to the public. It’s probably that fear that helps keep us on our toes and push ourselves further in terms of quality.”

For the full exclusive interview with Demarchand where he also talks about the combat (“this time it will have more big, sloppy brawls in the mix”), Sully (“he’s a good person to have in your corner when shit goes down”), the Uncharted movie and Nathan Drake himself, grab issue 203 of Play, on sale now!

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