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Naughty Dog don’t want a PlayStation 4… yet

Naughty Dog don’t want a PlayStation 4… yet


More support has been given to those who don’t want to see a new console generation any time soon, this time from a rather major player in Sony’s world. Evan Wells, Naughty Dog co-president, spoke to G4 and said the developer was not “itching” for new hardware to be released as the PS3 still has a lot to give.

When asked how comfortable Naughty Dog are with PS3, Wells answered:

“We’re pretty comfortable with the PS3, and we made a very big advancement between the first game and the second game, we’re really tapping into the Cell processor, but there’s more there.”

And for the benefit of those who understand, he went into a bit more techie detail:

“The first game, it was idle about 70% of the time, which we rectified for the sequel, and now it’s at least busy 100% of the time, but it’s still not fully-optimized code. I mean, in order to get to that 100%, it was more about making sure the pipeline was filled, and we weren’t running into one of the processors becoming idle because there wasn’t a job ready for it. But now we have to go into all of those routines and optimize them so we that can get even more done using that Cell processor. It really feels that sometimes it’s this bottomless pit of processing power, you find the right kind of job for it and it can just churn through those things so fast, which really helps with a lot of our rendering and post-processing effects.”

Before returning to some nice, soundbite-friendly quoatage:

“So yes, we’re getting comfortable. No, we’re not itching for new hardware. I would love to keep working on the PlayStation for five or six more years – I think there’s still a lot to get out of it. We’re not really feeling limited by the hardware, it’s more about the hours of the day and how quickly we want to get the next game out.”

As for holding off on the next generation from a consumer perspective? The ever-reliable Wells had this to say:

“The consumers definitely are winners if the cycle is longer because they don’t have to shell out $300-600 for a new piece of hardware. But the developers win, because they get to continue to leverage all of their investment with that current generation. They don’t have to go in there and start learning the new hardware and rebuilding all of their tools and rendering pipleines to support it. I only see software sales getting stronger over the next couple of years, so I hope the hardware manufacturers don’t feel the pressure to put out some new systems any time soon.”

So there you have it. We agree with the man – not because we feel we have to, but because he’s talking sense… and saving us money.

Read the full interview on G4.

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  • David

    This generation has proven so varied that we’re not likely to see new consoles for awhile. The PS3 has a brillant processor, multimedia features and the storage space, whilst xbox 360 has better in game features and the wii has the wiimote, although the Playstation Wand will hopefully lessen the gap there.