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N4G is bad for the state of gaming news

N4G is bad for the state of gaming news

If you are reading this, the chances are you have come via N4G. I know this as we have software behind the scenes telling us where you come from, what you look at and blah-de-blah. I would like to tell you that I think the site you have come from has a negative effect on the world of gaming.

I am not attempting a crass overstatement and I am certainly not attacking N4G – it’s a great resource both for gamers and for writers, offering all the news in the world of video games while showing those on the other side of the partition what’s popular, therefore showing what readers actually want to hear and read about.

But that’s just it – it’s essentially mob rule. Funny, light-hearted pieces; big news about little games; clever lists; any news that isn’t about console wars or Call Of Duty – they all get lost in the mix. It’s not that they’re badly written, or say something that gamers don’t want to read or anything that really marks them out as bad in any real way. They just get overlooked and lost in the mix.

This isn’t even talking about my stuff – I’ve failed to get much heat on most of my news/opinions. I’m fine with that. But there must be many young upstarts around the internets who have attempted to use N4G as a source to get themselves, their site and their work noticed on a large scale. When they’ve inevitably failed, thanks to the site’s users and their intrinsic ability to ignore most of the interesting things posted there, maybe they’ve given up. Maybe. It’s speculation. It’s not based on anything. But that doesn’t mean it’s unlikely.

I will admit I’m actively staying away from mentioning the community when it comes to commenting on stories, which is a wonderfully mixed bag. It’s not something specific to the site though, so it’s not something I really would focus on. You can get insulted anywhere on the ‘net. Just check this blog for some fine examples.

I’m looking at it in a delightfully tunnel-visioned fashion, this much I’m well aware of. I know there are many sites out there in which to get hold of news, on which to see some fine opining and where to read some damn funny (and non fanboy-baiting) lists. But with N4G being the biggest of the big – what I’m sure is the sole source of gaming news for many, many people – I just wish it didn’t have as negative an effect on the gaming scene as it does.

Anyway, back to exploring the site for more hidden gems. I may think it isn’t the healthiest of environments for gaming news, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to stop using it. N4G: I love to hate you.

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  • plmko

    I’m sick and tired of people whinging about N4G fanboyish traits blah blah blah.

    First things first, can you offer a meta-collection of news? You know just skimming through the site I was linked to a few amazing details of GT5 I didn’t previously know, but play-mag.co.uk….. well let’s just say it’s a bit dry.

    N4G at the end of the day, is simply collecting random bits here and there. It in itself is no more credible than looking at a metacritic score and judging something on it alone however it is up to us to wade through all that rubbish and find the gems that do give us insightful pieces.

    PS. Who the hell reads and cares about user comments on N4G anyway.

  • Ian Dransfield

    I appreciate your points, but I should just say we’ve not positioned ourselves as any kind of news outlet in a long time. We put some up, but we tend to go for opinion pieces, good ol’ lists and news analysis more than anything else.

    Anyway, this isn’t Play-mag vs N4G.

  • Joeinsidious

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Dransfield.

  • Jordan

    Don’t forget the ridiculous daily Top 5 lists.

    “Top 5 reasons Kinect doesn’t include teeth whitening.”

    “Top 5 reasons Capcom spelled backwards equals Mocpac.”

    “Top 5 Dreamcast games but should be ported to the DS.”

    These are the lazy attempts at real journalism and infuriate me constantly.

  • ffaffe

    your an IDIOT. Boo hoo, my site isn’t getting the attention it deserves…. well gues why that is, because its poooooop!

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    Jordan is absolutely right.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Nah, I prefer ffaffe’s point. It’s a highly precise wit-strike.

  • Peter Bradley

    N4G does post some awful shabba ranks. You have to filter it yourself or you’d go mad on the badly written fan-boyish bullshit they post.
    However it is a one stop shop of news and features.
    Just don’t take it too seriously and don’t believe a word of what’s written by those clandestine beavers.

    *edited for naughty words*

  • csreynolds

    Agreed: N4G is moderated by muppets who approve pointless attempts at videogames journalism. Yes, admittedly I visit them now and again, but for every 1 good post I find (yes, they are in there, somehwere), there are at least 12 utterly pointless ones, riddled with grammatical errors, inaccuracies, profanities, “OMGs” and fanboyism. And people like ‘ffaffe’ eat it up.

    There are too many gaming websites claiming to have a clue about anything PS3/Xbox/PC-related, falling overthemselves to post this week’s top 10 Cosplays when really they should be spending their time bickering in the playground over which console is better. And N4G’s sophisticated screening team doesn’t help matters by approve such trash.

    Good article my friend.

  • csreynolds

    Sorry, approvING… darn typos!

  • Smootherkuzz

    I go there to get gaming and tech news and have been for some time,even I have been tempted by the posts but I would just like to go to a site that gives the news without posts from readers it is easy to get into the post mix – give me a site without all the post bullcrap.

  • kane_1371

    this is your own damn fault, when you guys don’t know how to write a good title to attract ppl then you shouldn’t complain.
    how come a web-browser game gets hits?
    if it was like you said, then there would be no reason for it to get hits.
    but there was like 3 articles about this flash web-browser game, and only one got hits.
    cuz the title was interesting, the other two had a stupid title.
    even biggest news don’t get hit when they have no good title.

  • kapy

    I’m afraid I don’t have time like you do to lift every rock on the Internet to find the hidden gems of gaming journalism. So that’s why I rely on a tool like n4g to do a quick survey of what’s going on. I usually avoid articles like “why xxx will fail” or “why xxx will win this generation” and I don’t care much about all those top-5 top10 top-1000 game lists… But when some interesting news about release date, dlc, upcoming games or reviews hit, I like to be aware of it and n4g is about the only place I know where I can get it…

    It may be bad for gaming but I wouldn’t have to work hard to find worse things…

  • Didjamama

    @Dransfield…”wit-strike.” I rofl’d myself on that one! I see some great points here! I use N4G daily and it is my primary source for gaming news. Also, I can see how a great story could be swept to page 2-3 or beyond just because the newest stories are pushing them back and they never have the chance to get the love they deserve. However, N4G is my own personal hey-seuss simply because the info can be very diverse and it does not cater to any one specific flag or allegiance. I enjoyed your article and suggest a “Singularity” extermination match to celebrate your opinion piece. Gaming is why we are here after all so let’s PLAY!

  • wicko

    Lists are exactly the kind of article I avoid, and I imagine others are sick of them as well.

    At any rate, of course popular pages are going to be mob rule.. that’s what popular pages are, the pages with the most comments and views. So, not sure what the complaint there is. The rest of the front page is just the latest articles to be approved. Nothing to do with mob rule, not to mention people can click on platform specific filters. You can also set the degrees to 0 degrees to show the articles that people aren’t viewing.

    Of course, some articles don’t get approved when they should be, but that’s why people like you should apply to be submitters, and you can submit whatever you think hasn’t been, and approve those that you feel should get attention. That’s the basic idea of N4G, so it seems silly to complain about it when you can make a significant difference. All it takes is 10 approvals for an article, im sure there are 9 others out there like you doing the same thing.

  • Mitch

    I simply use it as a gaming news feed, I don’t have to go traipsing round 20 different sites to get my fix, it’s all there for me to have a browse through once a day.

    I don’t use the forums or read the comments.

  • Scroll left to right on the top news bar and you’ll see a trend.
    it’s been like that everyday for some time now.
    that’s all i want to say regarding this website, N4G, the Fox News of gaming news websites.

  • x

    You can hate all you want .. but you don’t provide an alternative news roundup site

  • Garan

    I wish they would stop shoving Michael “lie dispatcher” Patcher all over their home page.

  • N4GmodsR360fanboys

    I`ll tell you what annoys me about n4g and thats the mods,they are totally biased,anyone says anything against the 360 like i did(i just said 360users are more immature when it comes to playing online) and boom you get mail saying i`ve been banned for 4days n all bublles taken away even tho its replying to the 360 trolls on there.
    when you complain they give no explanation n give you a IP ban,there doing it to all ps3 fans or just people who might say something against the 360.

    but yet the old 360trolls never get banned.

    alpha-male22 and his multi accouns giving him self bubbles .

    yep still all there and there lots more users aswell.

    oh n notice how any article that speaks against 360 gets pulled but ones against ps3 never get pulled.

    site is disguting n needs a change,get rid of mods for a start.


    Flame bait article is flame bait.

  • b

    I thought N4G is supposed to mean News 4 Gamers, not a collection of news that start like this:

    BEST Top 10 XXX, 5 WORST XXX

    Michael Pachter SAYS XXX


    XXX gaming news 2: Why gamers do not like this game

    XXX Rumor Factory: Speculations on rumored sequel! Opinions inside!

    SONY MUST DO THIS according obscure free forum website

    MICROSOFT HAS TO DO THAT according to relative unknown industry analyst.

  • Mike

    The thing is N4G doesn’t make the topics it just collect topic around the world and filtering them by number of views.

    So as I said N4G doesn’t write those articles just collects them in one place for everyone to read and judge.

    Thanks to N4G I read so many interesting things and not to say it updates every 1min if they just announce something im sure N4G its already posted there so it’s a really good website for information. Before N4G my gaming website was CVG.com and all their new are being filered there.

    So stop hating on N4G as it only collects articles not write them

  • Dirk

    Why was this article written again? To spread hate for N4G or to let people know there are other places where news can be found on the Internet?

  • Ian Dransfield

    It was written to voice an opinion, nothing more.

  • chulonyc

    Seriously its hard to keep it clean, but i will to the best of my ability. What i noticed from this site is that for certain ppl writing gibberish and trolling they wont ban or delete their comment, but for others one mention of certain words like 360 and they mark your comment as trolling when its totally relevant to the discussion and not trolling at all just a matter of opinion. In a Nintendo article i put that the wii u would probably have alot of regurgitated ip’s and that is why im not a fan of Nintendo and it was marked trolling lol are you serious? Other ppl like logicwins say the dumbest things and stealth troll yet its ok. Smh not for nothing but the mods on that site are a bunch of power hungry q____s!!

  • LOL

    N4G is garbage. The mods do jack shit to the trolls on that site but when it comes to legitimate people, they’re quick to ban.

  • Poppa Jizzle

    Bang on the money mate.

    N4G is run by sexually frustrated 14 year old dicks. Which means that anyone wanting to turn a gaming news site into a business has ZERO chance of success.

    Their mods should be moderated. Unfortunately, it gets heavy use so its never going to change.

    I just realise that after all this time using it, just what a pile of wank it is.

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  • Nonscpo

    …and yet somehow it’s still around, probably still being run by 14 year old cause kids never grow up 😀

  • Nonscpo

    Agreed theres no point unless an alternative is offered, which by the way, anyone looking for an alternative site should check out:



    P.S. How am I still able to comment on an article from this far back?

  • Nightrob

    N4G is the most toxic game site I have ever been on…Mostly pro Sony trolls (not all, but most) that get away with saying anything they want because the mods are guess what…biased toward Sony. Just an awful, hate filled site.