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My favourite vest ever… Heavy Rain

My favourite vest ever… Heavy Rain


[Note to US readers: ‘Vest’ means ‘undershirt’ here in the UK]

As promised during last week’s coverage of my favourite socks ever, which itself was a follow-up to my favourite pants ever, here’s my favourite vest ever – Madison Paige’s vest from Heavy Rain.

I expect this to be a popular choice, but I should point out that I haven’t chosen it for the obvious reasons – that’s it’s tight and clingy and soaked in the sweat of recurring nightmares. No, I’ve chosen it because you can get her to take her knickers off first and leave her standing there in just her vest, and I think that’s funny. It also takes me back to when I was four years old and used to go ‘round in a vest but no undies all the time, knowing full well how subversive I was being.

Anyway, that just leaves my favourite bra ever for next time. That’ll require some thorough research.

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  • John Malcolm

    Looking at that image the difference between ‘vest’ and ‘bra’ seems to be small – especially if you’re thinking of those bras from the 50s that were real passion-killers…!

  • Dave Moore

    and whats good about her vest to is the fact you can take it off.