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My favourite teaser trailer ever… Fallout 3


Oh Fallout 3. Ohhhh, Fallout 3. You took forever to arrive, you ate up 100+ hours of my life and you left me without so much as a “thank you”. But I can never be mad at you. I can never blame you. I knew from the very start that we were destined to be like this: madly, truly in love.

Go here and watch it to remind yourself. Perfect, isn’t it? The way it harks back to everything Fallout was before, with every intro to the previous games starting in the same way of close-up/pull back with an old song. It immediately showed us it was respecting the source material, which set things off on the right foot. Then you realise it’s pulling back through an in-engine game world. Yes, we’ve seen better since, but at the time it was genuinely special (especially for fans of the originals, like myself). But then – oh then – Ron Perlman pops up and hits the money shot. Just like war, Fallout’s trailers never change.

So what are your favourite trailers of the teaser variety?

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  • KC

    In my opinion the best teaser trailer I have seen is the very first one from Modern Warfare 2. Contained so many secrets buy needed a sharp eye to get everything.