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My favourite pants ever… Maximo

My favourite pants ever… Maximo


[Note to US readers: ‘Pants’ means ‘underpants’ here in the UK]

Pants are definitely the most important article of clothing there is. Sure, people aren’t generally going to see your pants, but they are going to see you walking with an awkward sort of limp should you have a ‘bad pants day’. It’s difficult to project a positive, confident attitude if your pants aren’t right. Sadly, few games have successfully reflected the importance of a good pair of pants. If you do see pants then they’re either there for cheap titillation or they’re not really supposed to have been seen and they’re all grey and blocky.

But one game got pants right – Maximo. In the tradition of arcade classics Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, your hero loses pieces of his armour whenever he takes damage, ‘til eventually he’ll have no armour left at all. One he’s one hit from death, all Maximo has on is a pair of very fetching love heart patterned boxer shorts. These pants are stylish yet practical and, more than that, deeply symbolic of Maximo’s motivation to carry on against difficult odds – his love for Sophia, his betrothed. All other pants are just pants.

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