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My Favourite Gaming Soundtrack Ever

My Favourite Gaming Soundtrack Ever

For no reason other than I’m feeling self-indulgent this morning, here ‘s my favourite games soundtrack, taken from one of my favourite games ever, Final Fantasy VIII.

To date, it’s still the only gaming soundtrack I’ve bought and I also bought the piano collection of songs. I’ve given almost all of my CDs away – no room for physical media yo, it’s 2011 – but I’ve still got both of those collections at home.

Final Fantasy VIII sometimes gets flack as one of the weaker entries in the series as drawing magic could be a needless chore while the unskippable Guardian Force animations also became old quickly. Even so, I still remember the day someone brought Final Fantasy VIII into college (our college bought a PlayStation which it let us use at lunchtimes, surprisingly cool for a college) and watching Squall and co. clear out the caves near Balamb Garden before battling against Ifrit.

Maybe it was inevitable that I fell in love with the soundtrack just as I fell in love with the characters, the settings, the story and the gameplay. Even if I did hate the Laguna stuff. But listening to these tracks, it stands as great music regardless and makes me want to play it all over again…

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