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My favourite difficulty spike ever… Driver

My favourite difficulty spike ever… Driver


Difficulty in games is something that, personally, I welcome, but it needs to be introduced gradually. Difficulty spikes, where the difficulty of a game suddenly ramps up unfairly and without warning, are generally bad things. But there’s one particular difficulty spike that I can’t help but remember with fondness – the very last mission on Driver.

Like most missions in Driver, you simply had to get from the start to the finish with your car still intact, but in this mission the odds are stacked against you to a ridiculous degree. You just get endlessly assaulted by dozens of big, black, super-fast FBI cars no matter what you route you take and seemingly no matter what you do. I must’ve have tried it about 50 times before I finally gave up and started the game again. Up to that level, I’d thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought I’d go for a second playthrough, choosing different missions wherever the story forked.

After a few days I’d reached that final mission again and… did it first time. Don’t ask me how. I fluked it basically. I told Ian all this just now and he called me a liar. That’s why it’s my favourite difficulty spike – it was so hard, no one ever believes I did it. But it did. Honest. No, really. My pants aren’t on fire.

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  • Dave Moore

    i did three leaf clover in gta4 first time and nobody believes me to this day.its something i’ve always been proud of so i do believe you.