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My favourite corner ever… Gran Turismo

My favourite corner ever… Gran Turismo


I love straights in racing games – that’s where you get to go fastest, of course – but it’s corners that really test your mettle as a driver and, being a bit of a racing game obsessive, I do have a favourite corner. It’s the second turn of the Grand Valley Speedway course from the Gran Turismo series. It’s the corner that separates the men from the boys more than any other because it teaches you your first, and probably harshest lesson about weight shifting and momentum. You build up a huge speed on the straight and continue at full throttle around the left-hand kink then, when you brake hard for the hairpin your car veers violently to the left and skids out of control onto the vast sea of gravel on the outside. Why did it do that? Physics.

Fact is, you can’t get around that hairpin unless you understand how to shift the weight of the car to the left before you brake hard and steer right. It’s a difficult skill, but once learned will serve you well in any racing sim you ever play. So that’s why I love that corner – it taught me how to play driving simulators.

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