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My favourite April Fool’s ever… Mortal Kombat 3

My favourite April Fool’s ever… Mortal Kombat 3


I was a sprightly young chap – well, I wasn’t. But I did have Mortal Kombat 3 on the Super Nintendo, and as such was very happy with it. The series was renowned for its secrets: daft finishers, extra modes and, of course, secret characters. Four of these characters weren’t actually secret, but were included on the arcade release Ultimate MK3, which had not made its way to home consoles. As a massive MK fanboy, I wanted these characters – needed them.

So it was with sheer, utter, complete and total delight that I read the cheats section in a then-popular multiformat magazine (now deceased in its print form), which informed me of a method in which I could unlock the ‘Ultimate’ characters on my standard Mortal Kombat 3. Sure, the method was a bit convoluted and difficult to pull off, but I didn’t care: this was what I wanted, so I would pull this off.

Now, the exact method of how to get it working escapes me – it wasn’t the ‘sellotape a penny to the cartridge’ one, nor was it the ‘do an uppercut in front of the statue’ one. No, this was something along the lines of ‘beat all the hidden characters and bosses in one go, without cheating and on a hard difficulty’. So you can probably see why I fell for it, even if I was young and dumb – it’s actually a reasonable thing to ask to unlock a handful of extra characters.

You can probably also see why I was utterly, completely and totally furious when I realised I had been had. Days after I had first started trying to unlock the characters. When I had managed to carry out the instructions to the letter. And had been rewarded with nothing.

You suck, April Fool’s.

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