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MW2: Perks And Killstreaks Revealed? [Possible Spoilers]


File this one firmly in the rumour pile for the time being, but with the number of Modern Warfare 2 leaks of late that have proved true you may want to avoid the following information if you don’t want any spoilers. Two separate sites have seemingly dropped information concerning the Killstreaks and Perks in MW2’s multiplayer game. Infinity Ward has refused to confirm or deny these lists, so as they take a look at your own risk.

First the Killstreak list as revealed by Gamepex…

3 Kills – UAV
4 Kills – Care Package
4 Kills – Counter UAV
5 Kills – Sentry Gun
5 Kills – Predator Missile
6 Kills – Precision Airstrike
7 Kills – Strike
7 Kills – Attack Heli
8 Kills – Emergency Airdrop
9 Kills – Pave Low
9 Kills – Stealth Bomber
11 Kills – Chopper Gunner
11 Kills – AC-130
15 Kills – EMP
25 Kills – Tactical Nuke

And now the Perks from MW2Blog.com…

Marathon (Tier 1)
Standard: Unlimited Sprint
Pro: Get over obstacles faster

Sleight of Hand (Tier 1)
Standard: Faster reload
Pro: Aim down sights faster

Scavenger (Tier 1)
Standard: Retrieve ammo from dead bodies

Bling (Tier 1)
Standard: Dual attachments on primary weapon
Pro: Dual attachments on secondary weapon

One Man Army (Tier 1)
Standard: Use primary weapon in secondary slot

Stopping Power (Tier 2)
Standard: Increased bullet damage
Pro: Increased bullet damage to vehicles

Lightweight (Tier 2)
Standard: Move faster

Hardline (Tier 2)
Standard: Killstreaks rewards require 1 less kill
Pro: Deathstreaks require 1 less death

Cold Blooded (Tier 2)
Standard: Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal

Danger Close (Tier 2)
Standard: Increases explosive weapons damage

Commando (Tier 3)
Standard: Increased melee distance

Increased melee speed Steady Aim (Tier 3)
Standard: Increased hip-fire accuracy

Scrambler (Tier 3)
Standard: Jams enemy radar

Ninja (Tier 3)
Standard: Invisible to heartbeat sensors
Pro: Move silently

SitRep (Tier 3)
Standard: Insertions. Reveals enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions

Last Stand (Tier 3)
Standard: Survive after being killed for 10 second, pistol equipt. You can crawl too

Our man on the front line Gavin Mackenzie will be playing some Modern Warfare 2 himself this week, so perhaps he can offer us some confirmation of these revelations. In the mean time you’ll just have to imagine what all these might be like.

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