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Music Games Trimmed, Ride 2 Survives

Music Games Trimmed, Ride 2 Survives


In more Activision financial news the mega-publisher is trimming some fat much like the rest of industry and appeared to cut plans for more Band Hero from its roster. Further Guitar Hero and DJ Hero were the only music games confirmed. Meanwhile the poor performance of Tony Hawk: Ride hasn’t deterred it from having another attempt with a second outing for the board based game scheduled for later this year.

Activision is cutting the number of music games it releases from 25 to 10 with only Guitar Hero 6 and DJ Hero 2 considered to be ‘major’ releases. It may however attempt to broaden the music in these games to appeal to a wider audience rather than specialising. There will also be no PlayStation 2 release for these games.

Tony Hawk: Ride 2 is on though with Activision CEO Mike Griffith having this to say about its poor performance: “It took longer to optimize the hardware, leaving less time to optimize the software.” Broken in other words. Well, hopefully we’ll get something better this year

Via Kotaku (x2)

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