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Multiplayer For Next Tomb Raider?

Multiplayer For Next Tomb Raider?


A new job listing from Tomb Raider Developer Crystal Dynamics is calling on someone with extensive multiplayer experience, leading to rumours that a new adventure for Lara Croft will include some form of online competitive gameplay. It was already leaked earlier in the year that Tomb Raider is receiving a major overhaul and reboot with its next outing after repeatedly disappointing performances this generation.

So, could Lara be following in the footsteps of Nathan Drake and be mixing an epic single-player adventure with some exciting multiplayer gameplay? Sounds like a winning combination to us. Here’s what Crystal Dynamics has to say about it. “Crystal Dynamics is looking for a talented, innovative lead designer on future AAA title development for XBox 360 and PS3.” the job ad begins. “We’re looking for a candidate who is driven, passionate about making games, willing to take risks, confident that the risk is worth taking and has a solid design background to make it happen. The candidate we’re looking for will have current multiplayer, systems and technical experience and excels in highly collaborative, team environments.”

The ad goes on to ask for, “5+ years working on current AAA multiplayer games on next-gen consoles.” Since the only triple A title we can think of that Crystal Dynamics has any history with is Tomb Raider (sorry Soul Reaver fans, but it’s true) we don’t think it’s too much of a leap to assume this is all for a new game in that series. We look forward to seeing what it comes up with.

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