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Move: it’s really quite impressive

We’re allowed to talk about PlayStation Move now, and after having had the hardware for a good month-plus I think it’s safe to say I’m really rather impressed with the kit. It’s well-built, feels good in the hand and – most importantly – is incredibly accurate.

It helps that the initial batch of games thrown out with Move have been half-decent too. When Wii came around it was a completely new control scheme and the novelty may have made people far more forgiving on some games than they should have been. Red Steel getting anything above 70% was clearly a mistake, as far as I’m concerned.

But this time we have the benefit of being used to the tech, of knowing what to expect – this means it’s harder to have the wool pulled over our eyes. And with this Motion Maturity, as I’ve stupidly decided to call it, comes the ability to discern whether or not something is actually any good.

Move is ‘any good’.

I made my feelings clear yesterday on our sister site NowGamer how Sony have hit the market too late to get a real piece of the casual pie. Regardless of the company’s protestations that they are going for ‘core’ gamers as much as they are granny and granddad, it’s blatantly obvious the amount Nintendo were raking in was a big incentive to create casual-appealing motion controls.

But I want to concentrate on the positives today, as it is not normally in my character to do so. Sports Champions – which could easily have been a throwaway, pointless rip-off of Wii Sports has taken everyone who has played it by surprise. It’s so delightfully solid, it works so very well and the collection of sports – ones I was initially confused by – have turned out to be ones chosen both for the fact they are unique as well as because they suit the control scheme so very well.

The other release titles don’t fare as well, but they all have their appeal. This all lies in the fact that Move is, basically, really bloody good.

Regardless of my feelings on Sony trying to take advantage of a casual market that just isn’t there anymore, there’s no denying they’ve gone about it in absolutely the correct fashion.

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  • doa766

    who cares about casual pie and Sony’s profits?

    this is about the real motion control, the one that was vaguely hinted on the Wii with with games like Metroid Prime 3