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Mortal Kombat: NetherRealm Studio Visit Photos

Mortal Kombat: NetherRealm Studio Visit Photos

In issue 199 of Play (on sale today) you can read our exclusive hands on impressions of the latest Mortal Kombat as well as comments from series creator Ed Boon on how the game is being developed. However, what you won’t find are these behind the scenes, studio photos we took as we wondered around the NetherRealm studio. You’ll only find those here. Enjoy.

This is Chicago! That's where NetherRealm Studios is based and that's where we went.

As further proof here's the NetherRealm sign outside the studio

Ed Boon! That's the man right there

A Scorpion mask... we think it may be cursed

NetherRealm's walls are covered in memorabilia like these action figures

Here's a closer look at some of those figures

And now the comics

We had this issue

Some of the original masks from previous MK games

Every Mortal Kombat game in one place

It's the Mortal Kombat bible... ooh!

A nice statue of the ever-cuddly Goro

A classic MK banner. Retro goodness

Kung Lao greets all newcomers to the studio

One of a number of fine paintings of MK's classic characters

NetherRealm also has a room full of its arcade cabinets for every MK game

It's even set up the new Mortal Kombat in a cabinet to play

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    Game cabinet room FTW

  • Scorpion is sick!

  • That is awesome, that Netherealm Studios is located in Chicago, An hour and a half north of Chicago. Chicago is also where my older-brother John currently lives as he’s studying at Northwestern University

  • Craig Michas

    hi’ i live in toronto Ontario Canada
    i was wondering where i can get those mortal kombat figures
    can you e-mail me and tell me where

    Greatly appreciated

    Thanks Craig Michas


    who ever is working in this studio and living in that beautiful city is the luckiest person on earth

  • jon catsaneda

    does anybody know the address i wanna send fan mail

  • Inglomaniac

    Whoooo! Look at that MK9 cabinet, I would love to be held hostage or something in this studio and be forced to sleep here for days that would just be horrible – ly great