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More PSN Users In UK Than Japan – Fact

More PSN Users In UK Than Japan – Fact

PSN is still down. It’s back up on 5th May or so we’ve heard but let’s not commit to any dates in case everything goes wrong. And people shout at us. And we cry a bit. Sob.

In any case, some interesting info has been spilling out of Sony’s open network wound, such as the regional breakdown of PSN numbers (found over at onlinegamernews.net). If it’s legit, of course. It could just be a bit of paper with random figures someone decided to print out.

Great Britain has 9,296,317 registered PSN users while Japan has 7,427,038. We’re a bigger online market than Japan! Who knew?

The smallest market is Ukraine, which only has 5,898 users while United States inevitably has the biggest, at a staggering 31,140,307.

There is literally nothing else of interest I can do with these numbers now I’ve pointed out we have more registered PSN users than Japan but seeing how PSN is still down, it’s the first day back at work in a while and I’m feeling ill, it’ll have to do. 5th May, then! Don’t let us down Sony.

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  • the bossman

    Yes well we can only hope. I’ve gone beyond boredom now, entering unknown levels of it.

  • Conor

    Tanzania have over 5898 users?

  • ya mum in bed last night

    Soooooooo good.

    Anyway, it was ment to be back the 3rd of may. Then it change to the 4th, and finally the 5th. Soon it will be the 3rd of may again NEXT YEAR!! RAWWWW BRING IT BACK!!

  • Pure666evil

    Oh, what a surprise, 5th of May is here and psn still down………

  • hope fully, able to get some killstreak from mw2,My triger finger starting to go stif,,,, from swat first born .

  • ziegelman

    even if japan has fewer P3 I would guess they will get switched back on first with europe inevitability last also these hackers might ruin it for everyone again so psn may not get switched back on and be perfect for a while / can’t wait to play MAG for the TOT clan withdrawal symptoms from wasting sver

  • previous online id carbaine83 anybody heard before?

  • AKA THE SILENT KILL, cold blooded pro, cant shot , what you cant se,,,