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More PS3 Slim rumours


Remember those grainy photos of what looked like a new slim model PS3? Well, the rumours they kicked off haven’t gone away. Reports coming out of Taiwan suggest that Pegatron and Foxconn, the companies that manufactured the original model, have been contracted to produce the slim model in time for worldwide shipping at the end of July. Couple this with those rumours of a PS3 price cut slated for August, and it has to be said it all looks very plausible. Sony, as usual, is denying all knowledge.

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  • First comment

    A slim model would be great bad thing is i just brought a “fat” ps3 model so i wont be getting but are you shure it will be end of july i think it sounds a bit to soon also do u know if will haft to be smaller memory size or less feture because i dont understand how they will shove all that stuff in.
    thanks for reading, peace.

  • First comment

    oh 1 more thing i have a 80GB now looks like 120GB holy **** but will it support ps2 i wanna know i got some good ps2 games lieing around but no ps2 🙁

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    The rumour is they’ll be ready to be shipped to stores at the end of July and that probably means a launch in August some time. It might seem soon, but then you don’t get much build up to announcements like this because it kills the sales of the older model. That said, we’re not sure about any of this because it is just rumour.
    If the PS3 Slim is real then we reckon most of the shrinkage will come from taking the power adapter out of the PS3 itself and putting it in an external brick, just like what they did with the slim PS2.
    It might support PS2 games. Again, there are a lot of rumours about that too.

  • rugbynut

    You might be able to play ps2 games as sony has patented a way to emulate the emulsion engine in the ps2 on the cell processor. This may come as a firmware update or you may have to buy it off the store. hopefully there will be a price cut for the new model, but don’t hold your breath.