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More Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage


Follow this link to NowGamer to find out what Flag Runner on Modern Warfare 2 looks like and, what’s more, how efficiently you can capture a flag if your whole team is communicating and working together. Can’t say we’ve ever seen anything as co-ordinated as this in all the hours we’ve put into Call Of Duty 4. Maybe we should join a clan or something.

There are a couple more new features revealed here too. First up, host migration. Not exactly a flashy feature, but anyone who on COD4 has had a host quit or disconnect just when things were starting to go well will appreciate the fact that this won’t end the match on Modern Warfare 2. Also, we have knife throwing, which is a handy silent kill technique and, by the look of it, one that earns some good XP bonuses.

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  • lewis brannigan

    i think modern warfare is getting better and better every trailer they bring ouy. i am hoping that they bring back the tiger cammo.