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Molyneux Praises Heavy Rain

Molyneux Praises Heavy Rain


We’re seeing the dawn of a new era for the videogame industry according to Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux, creator of Xbox 360 exclusives that we don’t care about. Why does he think that? Well, he’s been playing Heavy Rain and he likes what he’s seen.

“I recommend anyone who wants to start to see the first glimpses of the future of video games to go out and buy it,” Molyneux declared in an instance of platform neutral gaming love. “There’s no question in my mind that games like Heavy Rain — games that have a new fidelity in the way that they present their experiences; obviously made with cinematography and motion capture in mind — can really show the way forward to a new form of entertainment, which is evolving the story and choices and consequences.”

Funny thing is this opinion was based on only 90 minutes of play. Molyneux couldn’t bring himself to finish Heavy Rain. “I could not bring myself to play more than 90 minutes, because the world that was there was so dark and so emotionally involving I felt emotionally beaten up,” he said. He’s a sensitive sort.

Via VG247

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