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Modern Warfare 3 – What It Needs

Look, I know. Call of Duty: Black Ops has barely touched down on the shelves and already, I’m looking beyond it to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and pondering what Infinity Ward could (and perhaps should) change. It hasn’t even been announced yet and here I am, telling the developers how to do their jobs, jabbing my desk with my finger to angrily illustrate each point.

As sure as night follows day, there will be another Call of Duty installment and we have enough previous form that suggestions can be made. So here they are.

More Multiplayer Play-Testing

Now Treyarch is absolutely adamant that they’ve been play-testing multiplayer maps from the beginning of development right through to the end. The team stressed how important it was to get multiplayer right and how keen they were to learn from mistakes made in the past. There was no reason not to believe them… until Nuketown happened. Maybe Nuketown was a late map that didn’t get thoroughly playtested or maybe it was playtested but the team never considered the impact killstreaks would have on it. Whatever happened, a map like that should never make it into a Call of Duty title ever again.

Dedicated Servers

This is the slightly smarter way of me wording ‘no lag’. Given each multiplayer match has to account for everyone’s connection, which could reasonably range from a fibre-optic broadband connection to a tin-can-and-string-for-a-modem set-up, it’s never going to be easy. Point is, it’s now becoming necessary to fight the problem. The age old routine of shooting someone hundreds of times, hearing all the bullets connect, then watch as they turn around and kill you with a single shoot with the killcam then telling another story. It’s the killcam that illustrates how bad lag can be and it needs fixing.

Stay Grounded

We’ve had nukes being detonated in mid-air to shut down American electronics to stop a Russian invasion. We’ve had Mason being [spoiler] [spoiler] by [spoiler] so he could [spoiler] [spoiler] the [spoiler]. Modern Warfare 3 will probably see you fighting Makarov in space by throwing missiles at each other. Why not just have a straightforward plot? Bad guy wants to blow up the world. Good guys want to stop him. The end. It was the framework for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s plot, which meant players were always focused on the overall goal even when hiding behind tanks, stopping missile countdowns, hiding in long grass and so on. Do videogame plots always need to be overblown exercises in action movie lunacy?

Genuine Innovation

Since making its way to current gen platforms with Call of Duty 2, the series hasn’t really innovated. It saved its innovation for multiplayer with Nazi Zombies, perks, unlockable titles, customisable killstreaks and so on. Yet in single player, what differences can you point out between Call of Duty 2 and Black Ops, besides the setting? There’s no doubt Activision wants its Call of Duty series to remain a familiar, comfortable experience for those who tend not to buy that many games to begin with and they’d probably argue that changing the setting is enough to offset the need for risks and innovation in single player. But is it? Is it really? After Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, we’re due some genuine innovation.

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  • G Potter

    Black ops ,

    Change the killstreaks , they are better and fairer than MW2 but the RCXD is now spammed to death , get rid of some of the perks as they are either pointless or make it so the game tips unfairly one way or another.

    Noobs just get murdered , having a system that allows multiple log ins to be low level doesn’t help whern all they do is crash the party on the new players who are on the ‘training’ levels and mow everyone down in a hail of bullets/killstreaks. Casual gamers do not get by in multiplayer on C.O.D. end of story.

    And LAG oh my god the lag is so bad at times I have now broken two sets of buttons in absolute frustration at how bad it is.

    Overall Black Ops is better than MW2 but still falls short of BFBC2 by a long way – stop players lying down would help the anti-campers (me) also.

  • I think there should add more kill streaks keep the guns in MW2 but add a little more more perks also it should continue from MW2 only soap and price go into hiding and make their owen task fource also you should not buy your guns you should earn them like in MW2