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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Release Date, Shots, Details

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Release Date, Shots, Details

Bored of Modern Warfare 3? No, we don’t mean as in oh-god-will-they-ever-stop-making-Call-of-Duty-games bored (hold fire before posting your “but I am” comment – we know.)

Rather, we mean are you bored of trudging through the same maps grinding for your fifth prestige? Because Activision will be releasing DLC for Modern Warfare 3. Who knew? As it turns out, it’ll be with us soon. Really soon.

“With the Call of Duty®: MW3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite we are delivering on our promise of more new content, more often, and with more variety than ever,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “With three studios collaborating on the first season, the breadth and depth of material on tap is truly extraordinary. It’s rare you can successfully execute both quantity and quality, but thanks to the expertise of our developers, the reach of Call of Duty Elite and the passion of our fans, we intend to deliver.”

Of course it’s not just a DLC release – it’s Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3© Content Season™!

Splitting things up into Content Drops, the first two Content Drops have multiplayer maps that can be played in Survival Mode as well. The DLC includes:

  • Liberation – ‘a vast, militarised landscape, ripe for long-range sniper and LMG fire, with mounted turrets on either end that lend power to anyone brave enough to expose themselves in exchange for deadly firepower.’
  • Piazza – ‘ idyllic Italian getaway that is anything but, where tight corners and branching pathways pose great risk at every turn. Close-range combat dominates in Piazza, where attacks from behind, above and below are an ever-constant threat.’

There will be another ‘content drop’ in February followed by another in March, with the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection available in March. Though we don’t know what that is yet. The DLC schedule for Modern Warfare 3 ends in September, when (presumably) things will be ramping up for the next game in the Call of Duty series.

We don’t know what will be in the other content drops, nor why the DLC has been so confusingly scheduled by Activision. It harks back to what we said about pre-orders recently, where Mass Effect 3’s bonuses are wrapped up in weird store exclusivity deals and Origin exclusive crossovers, so working out what to get is a bit of a chore. At least the Mass Effect series, despite EA’s best efforts, still has a relatively hardcore following outside of the mainstream. For Joe Average who pretty much only has a console to play Call of Duty, we have no idea how he’ll make sense of the DLC arrangement if it’s even confusing us.

Case in point – Activision has neglected to mention when this stuff will actually be out on PlayStation 3.  The first ‘content drop’ is released this month, then there will be one in February followed by another in March but this is the confirmed schedule for Xbox Live only. They will be released on ‘additional platforms at a later time’.

Helpful. Must be one of those weird quirks of that time of year known as Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3© Content Season™

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