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Modern Warfare 3 after review scores of 95+

Modern Warfare 3 after review scores of 95+

Activision wants its next Call of Duty to be a ’95+ rated game’, according to a job listing on Sledgehammer Games.

The QA Tester position advertised is after ‘top talent for our Call of Duty First Person Shooter development team’ and notes that it’s aiming for a “bug free” title ‘meeting the high expectations of gamers today’. The eye-catching part is that the job listing also notes ‘the candidate will help Sledgehammer Games deliver a 95+ rated Call of Duty game.’

The current set-up is that Infinity Ward (or what’s left of it) will develop Modern Warfare 3, with new studio Sledgehammer Games assisting with single player while Raven Software (Wolfenstein, Singularity, Black Ops DLC) pitches in with multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 suffered a backlash from series fans for various reasons while Black Ops has also been met with a mixed reaction from the hardcore, so Activision being so brazen about the review scores it wants for Modern Warfare 3 is… brave. What do you think the series needs to do to get those scores?

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  • Sandy

    To just be more like battlefield?

  • lewis stones

    i personally think it is nice of activition to take there ratings seriously it proves that they want to provide the best gaming experience possible. it is sad news about infinity ward because i belive they worked well with modern warefare with exception of a few problems with the game. to reply to sandy making modern warefare 3 more like battlefeild (as a fan of both series) is the easy way out and all it does is create the same old game experience and realy i dont want to be paying £40 in someplaces for a game which is similar to a game i already own.
    what i think they need to inprove for the ratings is

    keep the map packs flowing i like new maps

    on online multiplayer make connection to games faster because i have found sometimes it take ages to connect to a game (and i have a good internet speed)

    i liked the story line mode where you connext with the people in the game and also the movie like story line i enjoy.

    and finaly improve the movment look on the charectors on the online game play because i noticed online when playing in 3rd person matches or seeing your teamates they look like your controling a robot not a human lol

    thats a few examples i think would make there ratings better 🙂