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Modern Warfare 2 to cost £54.99

Yes indeed, you did read that headline right.

Today’s MCV has revealed the news that Activision is setting the RRP for Modern Warfare 2 at a wallet-busting 55 quid with the current Sterling/Euro exchange rate and increased development costs cited as the reasons for the price increase. MCV expects other publishers to follow suit.

Predictably, British retailers are unhappy with the news – the trade paper quotes a games buyer from one of the country’s “biggest retailers” as saying, “The fundamental problem is that the customer will feel conned that the triple-A [game] is £50 at retail when last year it was £40.”

With Call Of Duty 4 still riding high at number nine in the UK charts, the move won’t come as a huge surprise to many and one unnamed publisher said, “I’m not sure that weak pound is the main reason for the rise. I think it’s because Activision knows they’ve spent a huge amount to offer the best entertainment, at the best value money can buy – even if they do add a fiver to the price.”

What do you think? Will you still spend the extra cash on Modern Warfare 2? Add a comment below and let us know.

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  • Quaid

    It’s a friggin’ outrage and a real slap in the face for fans!

    It’s not like these games are on carts anymore, is it?

  • Demaine


    Also the accounting is a little worrying considering that “even if they do add a fiver to the price” is £10 short of what is actually being added on top.

  • Chris

    its not to be unexpected but i wish that it was £40 instead

  • henry groves

    it’s kinda tight that they have to bump up the price,
    i’ll just wait until the price goes down and i recon thats what sensible people will do.

  • mr matti

    whooooo thats high but they no where all addicted ……..

  • gareth77

    i do not believe this! and this price hike is coming from the company that threatened to stop supporting the ps3 because it was “too expensive”! 1 word describes them to a tee- hypocrites. i will be buying operation flashpoint instead. its a no-brainer in my view.