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Modern Warfare 2 third-person view is real!

Modern Warfare 2 third-person view is real!


Infinity Ward has confirmed that leaked footage of a third-person camera view is genuine and will be available as an option in the multiplayer game. The new camera is one of a number of playlist options that can be selected that will affect the way everyone plays the game.

“Third-Person is a new playlist mode in Multiplayer,” Robert Bowling revealed. “So you can play your favorite playlists [or] game types, like Team Deathmatch just standard, or in Hardcore mode ([with] limited HUD and increased bullet damage) or in the new Third-Person mode, which means you and everyone in the game is in third-person.” So if you’re playing in third-person so is everybody else, keeping things nice and fair.

“When you’re in a Third-Person playlist you can’t toggle in and out, you’re always in third-person,” Bowling continued. “You can’t toggle third-person view on or off in a standard game type either, people in third-person can’t play with people in first-person, they’re entirely different game modes. This is just another way to play the game.”

But is it a way that you would like to play the game? Are you pleased that this new camera mode has been added or does it offend you in some inexplicable way? Let us know what you think.

Via Kotaku

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  • connor

    wow…. i like but sont like this idea

  • Dave Moore

    its good to have the option.thinking about it i’d play the game single player in first person but would rather play multiplayer in 3rd.