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Modern Warfare 2 Keeps Call Of Duty name

Modern Warfare 2 Keeps Call Of Duty name


Infinity Ward has just received the final boxart for Modern Warfare 2 in the post and there’s an interesting new addition to the game’s title. It seems that Modern Warfare is once again part of the Call Of Duty series as this has been added to the art.

The new Xbox 360 boxes were revealed by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling and the Call Of Duty prefix appears to have been added once again. There has been a great deal of musing recently as to whether or not Modern Warfare 2 was a big enough brand name to carry itself with Call Of Duty and it seems Activision and Infinity Ward have made up thier minds about that. This should also be reflective of the final PS3 title for the game too of course.

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  • adam-james

    i dont mind as to whether or not they use the name call of duty in the title so as long as they keep on making them there is so much that they can do with the modern warfare title the list is endless the amount of weaponry that is available wether it is british, american, german, french and so on and with the current situations with afghanistan etc they should never be short of plots to submit as long as they make the online multiplayer option interesting then i cannot see a reason as to why the modern warfare should have to end this is a truely amazing and revolutionary game i just hope that they can top the first modern warfare as i find it the most satisfying game that i have ever played

  • tom briggs

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