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Modern Warfare 2: Freedom isn’t Free-for-All

Modern Warfare 2: Freedom isn’t Free-for-All


There’s been a lot of talk lately about various glitches and bugs and exploits in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In fact, some have gone so far us to declare its multiplayer to be a complete waste of time until Infinity Ward gets around to fixing everything. Not me though. To be honest, I can’t recall ever playing against someone I was sure was cheating. Maybe I’ve been lucky, maybe I’m too stupid to pick up on it, or maybe I’m just so damn awesome that I beat the cheats anyway. I don’t know. But I do know that there’s something else spoiling Modern Warfare 2 for me and it’s not a glitch in the game, it’s a glitch in… in the human brain, I guess.

More than any other game mode, I like to play Free-for-Alls, not because I don’t have any friends (although I don’t), but because I’m just better at it. But it’s got to the point where about half the matches I go into are being spoiled by boosters, grinders, idiots – whatever you want to call them. Technically, they’re not cheats but I think they’re just as bad.

Here’s what they do: two friends join a Free-for-All match together. They find a quiet corner of the map and one player puts down a Tactical Insertion. The other player then knifes him. He respawns, lays down another Tactical Insertion, the other player knifes him again… rinse and repeat until the knifing player gets a powerful Killstreak and uses it to win the match. I hate it so much. It is so pathetic. Whatever happened to playing a game for fun? Seriously, something has gone wrong in these people’s brains if they’d rather spend hours doing this then actually playing one of the best games of all time the way it was meant to be played.

I am getting good at listening out for the telltale signs that this is happening and sometimes if you keep catching them at it and killing them they’ll leave the match, but other than that I’m not sure what to do about it. It worries me that it seems be becoming more and more commonplace. As I say, it’s strictly speaking not cheating, but it does betray a serious flaw in the game’s design that it’s becoming so common, and I think Infinity Ward should act on it. Disallowing Tactical Insertions from Free-for-Alls would help a lot – after all, there’s no other use for them in Free-for-Alls. And maybe Friends shouldn’t be allowed to play together in Free-for-All matches either. Perhaps an alternative ‘Mercenary’ Free-for-All mode could be offered.

Please, pretty please, Infinity Ward, do something. I’m getting sick and tired of spending more time and effort looking for the boosters in Free-for-Alls than just, y’know, paying for fun. And that’s a sad state of affairs indeed.

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  • Dave Moore

    its cheating,period.

  • connor

    thats why i dont like tactical insertions

  • Jack Gash

    the best is to wait til they’re trying to get a nuke and stab the son of a bitch in the neck. so satisfying to know you ended a cheaters streak

  • sav0)))

    it’s gone so bad these days that i have come to seriously hate the game,

  • Steve

    I personally believe that boosting is simply cheating. Period. You are using a game mechanic to artificially inflate your score by colluding with another player. It seriously takes the competition and fun out of a match for the other players.

    I hunt boosters with a passion and always try to report both boosters through Xbox Live for cheating. It may help the problem if boosters know they could be somehow sanctioned for cheating and might think twice (perfect world, I know…).

    If you want some good video, search YouTube for Sandy Ravage and Booster Justice. It’s poetry in video 🙂

  • asbo king

    sit rep pro should be able to guide you in the right direction if you think there are nuke boosters !!!! i usually look at the bit on the screen where the deaths pop up and this will tell you who is getting killed and how they are getting killed , then you will eventually see a patern evolving . once i know there are a couple of scvumbags boosting , i go on the hunt , and there is no more satisfing thing than running up to the boosters and stabbing them in the face , then taking a step back and wait for the respawn , then run back in and shank -em again 🙂 justice be served !!!

  • mw2 beast

    i honestly dont care i want psn to be up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mw2 beast

    i agree i don’t like tactical inserions