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Modern Warfare 2 blows up Washington

Modern Warfare 2 blows up Washington


It’s what we’ve expecting for some time, but the latest trailer for Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward has finally revealed that there will indeed be missions in the United States, and what missions they promise to be. Ever since the original teaser trailer for MW2 we’ve been anticipating a move to US soil with hints of an airport mission, but this new trailer titled Infamy has confirmed so much more than that.

Infamy (which you can watch –>HERE<–) shows what looks to be a heavy death toll at an airport, plenty of explosions in desert locales and then a quite incredible looking vista of a burning Washington DC with a gun battle right outside the White House. Infinity Ward is clearly turning up the heat with this sequel far more than we could have anticipated. Modern Warfare 2 is still planned for a 10 November release. You can read about its Special Ops mode in Issue 184 on sale now and later this month read all about the multiplayer (Issue 185, on sale 29 October).

Once again the full trailer can be found at NowGamer.com

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