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Mirror’s Edge for PSP?

Mirror’s Edge for PSP?


Backbone Entertainment, the current guardian of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and the maker of games such as Rock Band Unplugged and 1942: Joint Strike, was asked to adapt Mirror’s Edge for PSP, according to a report by Unseen64 (a website dedicated to unreleased, beta and unseen videogames). Backbone was also commissioned to make “small demo” for the Wii, plus another spin-off for DS was also discussed.

Unseen64 doesn’t know what happened to these pitched games, although this all sounds plausible. Despite the lower-than-expected sales of Mirror’s Edge, EA has remained loyal to the title and to DICE, its developer. We’re anticipating a sequel already and a spin-off on other platforms makes a lot of sense to us in terms of getting more out of the brand and keeping interest high. We’d certainly welcome a portable Faith to carry around with us. Not that any of this will necessarily come to anything. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Unseen64 [via Joystiq]

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